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The Sultan Alauddin Sulaiman Shah Journal (JSASS) is an indexed journal published by the Core Studies Center, Selangor International Islamic University College. It is a journal indexed by the Citation Center of Malaysian under the Higher Education Ministry and UDLEDGE Sdn. Bhd. The quality of JSASS is supervised by the KUIS Journal Publishing Committee under the management of the KUIS Research Management Center (RMC).

Submission of articles among the academia, researchers; and graduate students are in the form of concept papers or research findings from in and out of the country are focused in the field study of Humanities and Social Sciences.The written language accepted for the articles submitted with the purpose of being published in JSASS are Malay, English and Arabic.

Aming the sub-fields in the studies of Humanities and Social Sciences are including the study of citizenship and leadership, Education, History, civilisation and Philosophy, Anthropology and Sociology, Language, Literature and Linguistics, Economy, Management and Development, Lae and Administration, Religion and Though, Information Technology and Communication, Social Issues, Environment and International.

Every article must adhere to the requirements and format that have been stated in the JSASS Policy. Every article will be arbitrated, whether by an elected arbitrator and has expertise locally or abroad, according to the fields of writing. As of 2017, JSASS has gained international consultance from panels in Brunei, Qatar and Indonesia. While the editorial board are divided to two main groups which are the Kuis internal editorial committee that is elected to manage JSASS and elected external editors by KUIS.

The frequency of journals being published is twice every year which are in the months of June and December whereby the first publication is out in December 2014. Beside regular publishings, beginning of 2017, the Special Edition JSASS publication in September is introduced. This Special Edition features selected articles in seminars organised by Core Studies Center or KUIS or Higher Education Institutes that have collaborated with the JSASS.

JSASS’aspiration is to propagate culture of knowledge acquisition by providing space and opportunity to all parties to share ideas, findings and expertise through the JSASS medium. Our inspiration is to make JSASS as one of the certified journals internationally. Every year and every time a new edition is publishing, the editorial board will try their best with full capacity to maintain the quality so that the knowledge entrusted can be beneficial to the public.

JSASS can be accessed in print with the serial number ISSN: 2462 1692 in the Library or online by visiting the website: (e-ISSN No.: 2289 8042) or can directly obtained at the Core Studies Center, KUIS (Telephone No. 603-89117000 @ 


Dr Hairol Anuar Hj Mak Din (Chief Editor)
Jurnal Sultan Alauddin Sulaiman Shah