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”When discussed, tauhid is the main pillar of Islam. It must be understood and interpreted correctly by fellow Muslims. It is suggested to those who want a long-term win to study it. Starting from children who just started learning in religious schools.”

An excerpt taken from a training book for boys and girls (1930)


The Sultan Alauddin Sulaiman Shah Journal (JSASS) is an indexed journal published by the Core Studies Center, Selangor International Islamic Universiti College. The journal published twice annually is given the name of the great-grandfather of the Selangor Sultan, HRM Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah ibni Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah ibni Sultan Hisamuddin Alam Shah ibni Sultan Alauddin Sulaiman Shah.


Selangor International Islamic University College (KUIS) is a Higher Islamic Education Institution, fully owned by Selangor Islamic Council (MAIS) that is established under the 1996 Private Education Institution Act (Act 555). Its official establishment on February 15th, 1995 is a proof of the commitment of the Selangor Government and MAIS in developing the education agenda and knowledge excellence. Meanwhile, the Core Studies Center (PPT) is established in 2013 as one of the branches of knowledge excellence institution that is developed with the aspiration of catalysing knowledge integration in establishing and strengthening the KUIS brand globally.


After the Selangor Ulama Figures Seminar that is organised by KUIS in conjunction with the 60-year anniversary of the establishment of Selangor Islamic Department (JAIS) I 2008, the existence and naming of the journal is based on a combined research by referring to the writing series of Hj Wan Mohd Saghir Abdullah as a primary source and is strengthened with a secondary source through articles published in the Selangor Ulama Figures Seminar proceedings (2008) and writing chapters in the Selangor Ulama Figures book published by KUIS (2011).


HRM Sultan Alauddin Sulaiman Syah ibni Raja Muda Musa ibni Sultan Abdul Samad ibni Raja Abdullah ibni Sultan Ibrahim Syah ibni Sultan Salehuddin Syah/Raja Lumu (the first sultan of the Selangor state government) ibni Upu Daeng Celak (the second Yamtuan Muda of the Riau Kingdom). His Majesty was the fifth Selangor Sultan to be coronated in 1898 and ruled til 1938.


In the 40 years of his ruling as Sultan of Selangor, He is very active in upholding Islam in His governance through the approach of integration among the umara and ulama. It is recorded in history that HRM, the sultan stressed strongly on education and put importance of matters related to faith and morality.


Thus, in line with KUIS’ aspiration to produce preachers, ulama and umara, HRM Sultan Alauddin Sulaiman Shah is seen as the best example and involved heavily in various Islamic activities;

  1. DAI (Preacher); Besides giving sermons, HRM Sultan also has written a series of publications. Among his writings are; a) Kitab Pohon Agama: Bahagian Rukun Iman (published in 1919 dan 1930), b) a training book for boys and girls (published in 1930), and c) Advices (Teachers’ Conservation) to train the behavioural journey of children in Religious Malay Schools (published in 1931). The importance of preaching activities are also translated after the permission given after the Ulama Figure, Tengku Muhammad ibni Tengku Mahmud Zuhdi al-Fathani left to Jambi and help with the Islamic development there.
  2. ULAMA; The religious prosperity in Selangor can be seen clearly with the presence of ulama there such as Tengku Mahmud Zuhdi ibni Abdul Rahman al-Fathani and prince Tengku Muhammad ibni Tengku Mahmud Zuhdi al-Fathani, Hj Muhammad Nur Bin Hj Ismail (Qadhi Kerajaan Langkat), Syeikh Abdul Ghani Abdul Hamid al-Mandaili al-Khalidi (Khalifah Naqsyabandiyah al-Khalidiyah) and others. The presence of many pious ulama has created an openness and awareness toward Islamic matters for the benefit of all Muslims in Selangor.
  3. UMARA; the positioning of the fundamentals of Islamic teachings are shown through the appointment of ulama as his right-hand advisor to the Sultan, besides giving advices directly through a series of sermons (Friday prayers, Eid and AidilAdha), writings, as well as the construction of mosques. As an umara, the Sultan stressed on education for the younger generation and this core is inherited by His lineage that is able to spread the teaching of Islam in the state as well as the region.


Therefore, the approach used by Sultan Alauddin Sulaiman Shah in nurturing Islam in Sleangor in a good example in line with KUIS’ aspiration in implementing the wish of turning KUIS as the manufacturing center of preachers, ulama and umara. The same has been practiced for the last 40 years of His rule in Selangor.


As an umara, His Majesty very much loved the ulama and involve directly in preaching activities with the purpose of upholding Islam in Selangor. It is only sensible for KUIS through PPT in immortalising His Majesty’s name as the title of an indexed, international journal that becomes the pride of KUIS and of course, made the hope of the executing committee even bigger in order to dedicate this journal to all tiers of the society. May the efforts made will be included as part of our good deeds that will be measured in the Afterlife soon. Al-Fatihah.


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