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HADIS is a semi-annually electronic journal (e-journal) published by KUIS Press, designed towards fulfilling one of the principal missions of the Hadith Research Institute (INHAD) of the Kolej Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Selangor (KUIS), namely the dissemination of academic research and other scholarly works. With all its inherent advantages, an e-journal serves as the best vehicle to carry HADIS to the forefront of the global scholarly community.

HADIS is a scholarly, internationally refereed publication focusing primarily on Hadith and its sciences in the Muslim world. The disciplines of interest encompass the chain of transmission of a hadith (isnād), the text of a hadith (matn), Partisans of hadith (Ahl al-Ḥadīth), hadith collection and criticism, forgery of hadiths, Schools of Hadith, Transmitter criticism, Sunni and Shiite Tradition, Commentary on Hadith book collections, the complex technical vocabulary of hadith (musṭalaḥāt al-ḥadīth), sunan collections, takhrīj,  etc.